Wellness coach

Wellness Coaching IS:

 Holistic – focused on many facets of wellness, both physical and mental

 Goal oriented and driven by you

 Support to help you reach your goals

 Big picture focused

 Tailored to you

 A two-way relationship

Wellness Coaching IS NOT:

 Being told what to do

 Focused solely on nutrition or fitness

 One size fits all

 Medical advice or therapy

 Prescriptive

who is life coaching for?

 Anyone who wants to improve their life!

 People who have identified a gap from where they are currently to where they want to be – a life coach can help guide them to achieve their goals.

 People with habits of negative self-talk or who are undergoing a major life change which is causing fear or fear of failure that keeps them from achieving their goals.

Workshops and seminars

We offer workshops and seminars on journaling, vision boards, goal setting, and coming soon - art therapy.